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One of the best ways that you can make a difference in Lambton, Kent and Middlesex Counties is by joining a political party and creating the change that you want.

We all need to take a vital part in driving social action on important issues in our community and the Lambton-Kent-Middlesex Federal Liberal Association is looking to support these actions in a proactive and inclusive way.

Also, we have several community events where you can meet like-minded Canadians with a passion for building a better Canada.

Moreover, the Liberal Party of Canada is in a state of deep rebuilding and we need the input of Canadians to make that process as open and inclusive as possible.

To find out more about joining the party, please refer to the frequently asked questions or the Membership Guide on the Liberal Party of Canada website.

To join us, click on the button below.

Membership Benefits:

Every single day, you can help shape Canada’s future. As a valued member the following benefits and services are available to you:

• Community Forum – share your thoughts and engage other members on
• Members’ Update Emails – receive regular updates with breaking news and an inside look at our progress
• Community Events – meet key figures and speakers alongside like-minded Canadians with a passion for politics
• National Conventions – elect or be elected as a delegate to represent your riding at Convention, where Liberals gather from across Canada to decide on policy resolutions and vote on who will lead the Party organization
• Local Organization – elect or be elected to your riding association executive or your Provincial/Territorial Association executive
• Liberal University – learn how to get involved, engage your community effectively, master the tools of the trade and run a competitive riding association
• Commissions –  participate in the National Women’s Liberal Commission, the Young Liberals of Canada, the Aboriginals Peoples Commission or the Seniors Liberals Commission.
• Local Candidate – vote to elect the candidate who will carry the Liberal banner for your riding

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