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Be Informed: Pensions

Harper Conservatives Can’t Cut Pensions Without Consulting the Provinces and Territories
Statement from Liberal Intergovernmental Affairs critic Stéphane Dion and Liberal Seniors and Pensions critic Judy Sgro Feb 3, 2012
“The Conservative government must consult with the provinces and territories before making any changes to Old Age Security.
The Conservative government is once again flouting federalism, this time by cutting pensions without consulting the provinces and territories,” said Mr. Dion. “As is the case with their American-style prison reform, the cost of which will be borne by the provinces and territories, and in the case of healthcare reform where this government broke their promise to maintain transfers to the provinces, the Conservatives are downloading the cost of their ideological obsessions.”

Backgrounder on the Old Age Security Program Feb 1 2012

Stephen Harper’s Attack on Old Age Security
Statement from Liberal Seniors and Pensions critic Judy Sgro Jan 26, 2012
“Retired Canadians and those approaching retirement have every reason to be worried after Stephen Harper attacked Old Age Security (OAS) benefits during a speech at the World Economic Forum.
The best way to make sure income tested benefits likes OAS and the Guaranteed Income Supplement are affordable is by ensuring Canadians have access to strong pension plans so they won’t need the extra benefits. That is the path to sustainable prosperity for all Canadians.”

Ensure retirement incomes with voluntary supplemental CPP accounts
Bob rae in September 30, 2011 issue of iPolitics Blog:
There is a much better way to create a true pension plan for all Canadians. It would simply consist of creating a supplemental account to the existing Canada Pension Plan. Contributions could voluntarily come from employees and employers, and would rely on the proven, low-cost administrative systems already in place. The monies would be professionally administered by the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB), effectively giving every Canadian the benefit of a secure and reliable group pension plan. The CPPIB would use top-notch private sector investment managers where appropriate to carefully invest contributions.

Pension Reform Blog from Hon. Judy A Sgro, MP York West, Official Opposition Critic for Seniors and Pensions:

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