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Current petitions being promoted by the Liberal Party of Canada:

Support the Motion: Protect Canadians’ retirement –
23 Mar 2012 – Next week, Canadians will get one last chance to stop the Conservatives from cutting Old Age Security (OAS) before the government introduces a budget that raises the retirement age from 65 to 67 years– but it all depends on you.

It’s time for a Royal Commission on election fraud –…
14 Mar 2012 – Misleading, harassing phone calls? Instant-voters with no address? Not in my Canada. It’s time for the truth.

Tell the Committee: User rights trump digital locks –
10 Mar 2012 – Liberals are listening – help us pass our amendment to protect user rights against unfair digital locks.

To: Stephen Harper I, the undersigned, call on the Conservatives to rethink the costly, failed US-style justice policies contained in Bill C-10.

Don’t let Stephen Harper creep your emails –…
17 Feb 2011 – Forget creeping your Facebook. The Conservative government has introduced an Online Surveillance Bill that would give Harper the legal right to monitor your emails and track your every move online without any kind of judicial oversight.

Don’t let Harper steal your retirement benefits –
27 Jan 2012 – You’ve worked hard, paid taxes, saved for retirement. Now Stephen Harper wants to take that away from you.

Stop the smears against Irwin Cotler –
13 Dec 2011 – Harper’s Conservatives are phoning Canadians telling reprehensible lies. Only you can stop them.

Join the fight against Harper’s Crime Bill –
9 Dec 2011 – Canadian crime is at a historic low. Why do we need mega-prisons, extreme sentences and more debt?

Jim Karygiannis Scarborough-Agincourt Liberal Campaign – Democratic Republic of Congo Petition
2 Dec 2011 – Over the years, we have seen leaders of countries misuse and abuse their power – suppressing democracy; holding their people back politically and economically; and, preventing the country and its people from reaching their fullest potential.

Sign the petition: Restore funding to veterans’ benefits –
5 Nov 2011 – The benefits Canada’s veterans depend on are in jeopardy. And I need your help making sure Canadians know about it.

Don’t let Conservatives cut Canadian ozone research –
18 Oct 2011 – In a few short weeks, the Conservative government will end 45 years of internationally recognized Canadian-based research into ozone depletion – unless you raise your voice to stop them.

Sign the petition: Hands off our CBC –
13 Oct 2011 – Only you can stop devastating Conservative cuts to our cherished public broadcaster.

Stop Bill C-4, the Anti-Refugee Bill –
7 Oct 2011 – Canada shouldn’t persecute refugees. But Bill C-4 will make it legal to throw refugees in jail, even women and children. Sign this petition.

Every day 10 Canadians commit suicide. –
4 Oct 2011 – On Tuesday, October 4, 2011, the House of Commons in Ottawa is voting on a Liberal Party of Canada motion calling on the government to create Canada’s first National Suicide Prevention Strategy. Petitions being discussed on Reddit:

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