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Be Informed: Fiscal Responsibilty

Just the Facts on the Fiscal Responsibility of the “Harper Government”

“In these tough economic times, the government must take the lead in showing financial restraint” – Liberal House Leader Marc Garneau.

Government Sites:

Canada: Economic and financial data Updated daily: The data shown in this page correspond to the data described on the International Monetary Fund’s Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB).

Your Tax Dollar: 2010-2011 Fiscal Year
18 Jan 2012 – Where Your Tax Dollar Goes:

  • Canada Health Transfer (10 cents)
  • Canada Revenue Agency (3 cents)
  • Canada Social Transfer (4 cents)
  • Children’s benefits (5 cents)
  • Crown corporations (4 cents)
  • Defence (8 cents)
  • Employment Insurance benefits (7 cents)
  • Other major transfers to other levels of government (6 cents)
  • Other operations (12 cents)
  • Other transfer payments (14 cents)
  • Public debt charges (11 cents)
  • Public Safety (3 cents)
  • Support to elderly (13 cents)

Where the money comes from:

  • Corporate income tax (13 cents)
  • Earnings by Crown corporations and revenues from the sale of goods and services (12 cents)
  • Employment Insurance premiums (7 cents)
  • Non-resident withholding taxes, customs import duties, energy taxes and excise taxes and duties on alcohol and tobacco (8 cents)
  • Personal income tax (48 cents)
  • Revenues from the Goods and Services Tax (12 cents)

Indemnities, Salaries and Allowances
Pursuant to S.C. 2005, c. 16, salaries and allowances are no longer adjusted by reference to the increase in the annual salary of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, but in accordance with the index of the average percentage increase in base-rate wages for each calendar year, resulting from major settlements negotiated with bargaining units of 500 or more employees in the private sector in Canada, as published by the Department of Human Resources Development. However, in accordance with the Jobs and Economic Growth Act (Bill C-9), the sessional allowance and additional salaries are frozen at the 2010-2011 levels.

Summary of All Expenditures
Member of Parliament’s Expenditures Report
April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011


Canada a bastion of fiscal responsibility? Maybe not.
23 Mar 2011 – Country doesn’t crack the top ten in a new global ranking of fiscal management.

Why Canada can’t afford Stephen Harper | The Vancouver Observer
19 Dec 2010 – Daniel D. Veniez – This man is costing you. It’s a good time to debunk the biggest Stephen Harper myth there is: “We are good economic managers”. Repeating a lie does not make it true.
We need to spend $15 billion on jails because unreported crimes are rising? Don’t believe them. We need to stop the long-form census, because the census-takers are going to send you to jail? Don’t believe them. We need to kill the long-gun registry, because the police are leading a cult conspiracy to take away everybody’s guns? Don’t believe them. We awarding a $19 billion untendered contract for new jets because the Russians are coming? Don’t believe them. This is a government that is counting on fear, driven by lies, to earn the votes it needs to win again.

Canada Budget 2012: Ad Campaign From Feds Cost $12.4 Million …
1 Mar 2012 – Taxpayers are footing the bill for a $12.4-million government ad campaign with one common message: “creating jobs and growth.”
Complementary campaigns by Finance Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency ran throughout February and will continue through March, backstopping the Harper government’s political message.

Taxpayers cough up $12-million for ads touting Flaherty’s budget …
1 Mar 2012 – Canadian Revenue Agency, Finance pump cash into ‘jobs and growth’ publicity campaign.

Harper government’s ad buy costs taxpayers $26M | CTV News
13 Mar 2011 – OTTAWA — Taxpayers are shelling out $26 million over three months for all those Economic Action Plan ads the Harper government is airing …

Opposition parties attack feds’ $89-million advertising strategy …
04 May 2010 – In the face of criticism that it is spending “gross” sums on a self-promoting advertising campaign coordinated by a beefed up Privy Council Office communications shop, the Conservatives say their broad-spectrum advertisements are justifiable, and a duty incumbent on government.

Government hires $90000-a-day ‘cuts’ consultant firm | CTV News
20 Sep 2011 – OTTAWA — The Harper government is paying a high-powered management consultant firm almost $90000 a day for advice on how to save money.

EI financing agency spends millions doing nothing – Politics – CBC …
19 Jan 2012 – A federal agency created by the Harper government with great political fanfare in 2008 is costing millions of dollars to achieve pretty much nothing.

PMO cost jumps during past two years – Canada
29 Oct 2010 – The annual cost of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office has ballooned to nearly $10 million, a jump of 30 per cent over the last two years. The figures are contained in documents tabled in Parliament on Thursday which contain details on government expenditures.

The Sixth Estate » 24 Losing Candidates in 2011 Receive Government Jobs Anyways
13 Jan 2012 – Another update has been made to the Sixth Estate Patronage List, which tracks Crown appointments (theoretically impartial and non-partisan) given to Conservative Party insiders, retired politicians, and donors.

Former ethics boss decries ‘attack’ on her reputation | CTV News
10 Mar 2011 – Christiane Ouimet was at the public accounts committee on Thursday defending herself against claims of collecting a $500K dollar payment.

One year after Stephen Harper’s Income Trust Betrayal: The Top Ten …
31 Oct 2007 – OTTAWA, Oct. 31 /CNW/ – Stephen Harper broke his election promise to never raid seniors’ nest eggs through taxing income trusts, by doing …

Stephen Harper’s inefficient route to government efficiency
11 Nov 2011 – Back in 2005, when Paul Martin was trying to get ahead of the sponsorship scandal, the Liberals needed to show they were careful stewards of public money, so they decided to fix the Public Works and Government Services Department, which is in charge of inefficiently buying about $20-billion of goods and services every year.

The ETS Scandal – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The ETS Scandal is an ongoing Canadian political scandal involving alleged wrongdoing by Canadian government officials in the award of a $400-million information technology services contract and allegations of political interference in the ensuing cover-up.

Cutting the GST:

5% GST Will Cost Canadians $156 Billion By 2016
7 Aug 2011 – When you’re at a gas station buying that impulsive chocolate bar, do you still think of the two cents that the 5% GST saves you? No? That’s good, because it soon won’t.
In fact the lowered GST will soon cost you more money than you save, and every year after, it will cost you more and more.

Forget what Tories say, Ottawa has structural deficit – The Globe and Mail
7 Jun 2011 – If the deficit were purely cyclical then the government wouldn’t be obliged to commit to large, unspecified spending cuts.

Domestic policy of the Harper government
Several policies regarding interior and domestic issues in Canada were planned and adopted by the Canadian Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, following the January 23, 2006 election of the Conservative Party to a minority of seats in the House of Commons, such as social and environmental policies. At the beginning of the government’s appointment, five policy priorities were identified in the areas of federal accountability, tax reform, crime, child care and health care.

Let’s stop blaming tax cuts for the current Harper deficit …
28 Jan 2012 – It’s good to see that my old office mate Stephen Maher is recognizing that government spending is a problem for the Harper government.

Cutting Corporate Taxes:

Corporate tax cuts costlier than Tories let on, budget watchdog says …
25 Feb 2011 – Parliamentary Budget Office red flags Conservative estimates.

Contrived deficit from tax cuts excuses Harper program cuts …
1 Dec 2011 – As part of deficit reduction, the Harper government has announced cuts of 776 jobs at Environment Canada; the Federal Fisheries’ budget has …

Canada’s Corporate Tax Cuts Prompt Companies To Hoard Cash …
25 Jan 2012 – The corporate tax cuts that were supposed to create new jobs have instead allowed companies to hoard cash, pay out larger dividends to …

Cost of Conservative “10 Percenters”:

Ten percenters – Topics –
2 Feb 2011 – The second biggest expenditure line: ten percenters. Seems the Canadian public was charged $10182707.71 for the printing of partisan …

Despite vote, PMO against ’10-percenter’ flyers | CTV News
17 Mar 2010 – The Tories say they are prepared to eliminate private subsidies to political parties and support the view to do so. The Liberals says all parties …

Ten Percenter – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wiki letter w.svg … In Canadian politics, a Ten Percenter is a party political flyer that MPs have the right to mail — at no cost to themselves — to … Retrieved from “” …

Liberals target wasteful abuse of Conservative “ten-percenters”
15 Mar 2010 – The Liberal Party moved a motion in the House of Commons today that would, if passed, encourage the Conservatives to show leadership in …

Harper’s legacy could be that of big spender | Money | Ottawa Sun
5 days ago – I consider Stephen Harper a friend. Not a close friend, but a friend.

A different take on Canada’s deficit-fighting story – Capital Read …
15 Aug 2011 – With the United States and European Union staggering under debt burdens, Canada’s success in sorting out its fiscal problems a decade and a …


Bev Shipley exceeded the spending limit in 2006 campaign – The …
24 Feb 2010 – MP violated election rules DAN McCAFFERY The Observer Local MP Bev Shipley admits he violated federal election spending limits during the …

Panda politics: It’s trickier than you think | FP Comment | Financial Post
10 Feb 2012 – Harper ‘partnership’ might have given Nixon pause. It’s not quite Nixon in China, but Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s visit to the last standing major Communist state has its parallels. It may also be more problematic, if not more dangerous.

Stephen Harper’s Jet Set | Red Tory v.3.0.3
4 Apr 2011 – 22 Responses to Stephen Harper’s Jet Set … Alison S. April 4, 2011 at 4:46 pm. Another issue with those jets is that they aren’t suitable for patrolling the Arctic, having only a single engine and limited range. They are a useless waste of money.

Canada’s debt: Fix the roof while the sun is out | Canada | News …
6 Aug 2011 – How bad is Canada’s debt? By some measures we’re laughing here. Canadians tempted to feel smug at the expense of Americans should nevertheless go right ahead. Their problems in this regard are at least as bad as ours. Credible estimates of unfunded U.S. liabilities involve numbers like $61 trillion. But their troubles are cold comfort to us.

Study: Canadian stimulus package had negligible … – Digital Journal
23 Mar 2010 – A Canadian economic think-tank has released a study reporting that billions of dollars of economic stimulus had little contribution to the turnaround of the nation’s economy. Instead, the report warns that a “massive deficit” is now in place.

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