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Be Informed: The Environment

Just the facts on the Environment from Liberal Environment Critic Kirsty Duncan, MP

“I am interested in what is top of mind for you. Is it big questions about energy and the environment? Protecting our oceans? Prioritizing clean water? Cleaning up the air? Restoring our ecosystems? Ensuring environmental justice? Supporting sustainable communities? I would like to know your thoughts.”
– Liberal Environment Critic, Kirsty Duncan MP.

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Articles from Kirsty Duncan:

The Harper Government’s war on the environment
10 Apr 2012 – It is absolutely negligent that the government, which inherited a legacy of balanced budgets, would sacrifice the environment and the health and safety of Canadians in order to satisfy one particular short-term private financial interest, and cover-up its own economic mismanagement.

Government must stop its war on the environment and science
24 Apr 2012 – We must reduce environmental risk in order to continue enjoying a good quality of life. Therefore, before indiscriminately cutting, the government should have a formal scientific review by experts asking: is the environmental program of high quality; is the program’s work relevant to Environment Canada’s core mandate; and is the program performing leading-edge science?

Gutting environmental protection in budget bill is an affront to democracy
8 May 2012 – The government did not campaign in the last election on gutting environmental protection. Canadians should therefore rise up, have their voices heard and stop the Prime Minister’s destruction of laws that protect the environment and the health and safety of Canadians, our communities, our economy and our livelihoods.

Review of C-38′s environmental impact is farcical
22 May 2012 – We simply cannot afford economic development with reduced environmental consideration, as we risk environmental disaster and clean-up costs which we may pass on to our children. We must remember that, “we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”.

Canadians speak out for democracy and the environment
5 Jun 2012 – The government is waging an unprecedented war on the environment, with uncertain consequences for nature and society. As in the baseball adage, “It’s the top of the ninth.” Mr. Harper has been hitting nature hard. But nature always bats last.

Rio +20 talks: will Canada abandon path to sustainable development
19 Jun 2012 – While the world is moving on with sustainable development, what will the Canadian government do? The government has a choice between being a producer and consumer in the old economy, and being a leader in the new economy, and a choice between decline and prosperity.

Science for the public good under attack by Conservatives
3 Jul 2012 – We must fight for a government that understands that scientific research is fundamental to meeting Canada’s needs, will restore science to its rightful place, will back promises with action and money, and will protect scientific findings from being altered, distorted or suppressed.

Extreme weather hits hard, costs taxpayers billions
17 Jul 2012 – The government must stop embarrassing Canadians on the world stage. Canada’s withdrawal from Kyoto sparked the following outrage: a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry told reporters that the decision was “regrettable and flies in the face of the efforts of the international community”. A spokesman for France’s foreign ministry called the move “bad news for the fight against climate change”; and Tuvalu’s lead negotiator said, “For a vulnerable country like Tuvalu, it’s an act of sabotage on our future …Withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol is a reckless and totally irresponsible act.”

The stakes are enormous: Decline vs. Prosperity
31 Jul 2012 – Instead of reverting to 1950s’ thinking of development at any cost, the government should be mapping the best way forward to a prosperous, energy-secure, and healthy future. The government must understand that it is a choice between being a producer and consumer in the old economy, and being a leader in the new economy. It is a choice between decline and prosperity.

Government’s claims of climate success don’t stand the test of scrutiny
14 Aug 2012 – Instead of exaggerating the federal government’s accomplishments on climate change, the government should acknowledge the urgency of the matter, the magnitude of challenges remaining, the fact that a sector-by-sector approach will be too slow, and should build on the provincial success stories.

Rhetoric and photo-ops, but no conservation plan from government
28 Aug 2012 – If the government is really committed to conservation, it should follow through on all commitments, immediately restore funding to Parks Canada rather than using them as convenient backdrops for announcements, and support fundamental scientific monitoring.

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