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Be Informed: Pipelines

Just the facts on Pipelines and their effect on Canada.

“The Liberal Party of Canada supports the sustainable development of our natural resources. Nevertheless, large-scale developments like the Keystone XL pipeline, the oil sands or the Northern Gateway proposal must adhere to the most stringent environmental assessment and review.

In approving these projects federal governments have a unique and crucial responsibility to balance economic development, energy security, environmental and socio-economic factors to arrive at a decision that is in the best interests of their citizens.”

Links for Debate:

Hard advice on the Northern Gateway pipeline – Inside Politics
20 Jan 2012 – So yesterday’s decision by the Americans to can the current version of the Keystone XL pipeline has added new urgency to the Northern …

Canada will look to China to sell its oil, Mayor Bradley fighting for an …
20 Jan 2012 – Local Community News for the Sarnia – Lambton County Area.

Leadership, honesty, principle in short supply on pipeline debate …
20 Jan 2012 – iPolitics is serious about the business of government. In-depth, Informative, Insightful, Influential.

Crack in the Northern Gateway pipe dream – Canada –
20 Jan 2012 – The business case for Enbridge’s $5.5-billion, twinned Northern Gateway pipeline, which would send Canadian crude bound for Asia to the …

Liberals Call Conservative Interference In Northern Gateway Review …
15 Jan 2012 – Liberals Call Conservative Interference In Northern Gateway Review Panel Unacceptable. OTTAWA – “Recent comments by Prime Minister …

Kitimat weighs up the risks of oil and gasThe Globe and Mail
12 Jan 2012 – There is a pipeline plan in British Columbia that Premier Christy Clark likes very much. Ms. Clark has been scrupulously non-committal on the …

Poor approach on pipeline
11 Jan 2012 – If federal Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver believes he can win a war of words against the likes.

David Suzuki: Northern Gateway pipeline project is about profits
10 Jan 2012 – The battle lines are drawn, and Northern B.C.’s pristine wilderness is the latest front.

The Straight Goods: Enbridge Attempts to Hoodwink British Columbia
12 Dec 2011 – Enbridge inc has had over 1000 oil pipeline spills in the last decade, there is no way they can guarantee oil spills won`t happen in BC, over 100 …

Enbridge Northern Gateway Project – The Joint Review Panel (JRP)
21 Sep 2011 – The Joint Review Panel (JRP), Northern Gateway JRP.

Enbridge releases tanker plans for Kitimat | Alison Bate
8 Jun 2010 – Better late than never, I’ve been plugging my way through the marine side of Enbridge’s application to bring supertankers into B.C.’s

The Atlas of Canada – Pipeline Infrastructure
2 Sep 2009 – Pipeline Infrastructure. View this map. Abstract. Canada’s crude oil and natural gas pipeline network extends 700 000 kilometres throughout …

Giant earthquakes beneath Canada’s West coast | Earth Sciences
15 Jan 2008 – …. Past great earthquakes in the geological record … However, the basic process is simple and may be represented by the elastic rebound … The stored elastic energy radiates as earthquake waves. …. the stable sliding clay minerals that are common in the region of subduction zone faults.

Hillslope and Fluvial Processes along the Proposed Pipeline …
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View Hillslope and Fluvial Processes Along the. Proposed Pipeline Corridor,. Burns Lake to Kitimat,. West Central British Columbia. James W. Schwab P.Geo., Eng.L.

Kitimat, British Columbia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kitimat is a coastal city in northwestern British Columbia, in the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine. The Kitimat Valley, which includes the adjacent community of Terrace, is the most …. Category:British Columbia · Portal:British Columbia · WikiProject:British …

Kitimat BC, Kitimat Valley, Northern British Columbia, Canada
Kitimat, British Columbia … Built in the 1950s for the world’s largest aluminum smelter, the Aluminum Company of Canada (Alcan), the town of Kitimat looks like it …

Landslides in BC – Ministry of Energy and MinesGovernment of …
Government of British Columbia Home page … Catalogue · Staff: Cordilleran Experts · Surficial Geology and Hazards · Aggregate Project; Landslides in BC

EarthquakesCanada main indexWestern Canada
by C Majewski – 2002 EarthquakesCanada main indexWestern Canada. … your bookmarks accordingly. If you have questions, please contact us at

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