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Be Informed: National Energy Board

Just the facts on the procedures of the National Energy Board.

“Recent comments by Prime Minister Harper and Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver in favour of pipelines are interfering with the independence of the National Energy Board panel set up to review Enbridge Incorporated’s Northern Gateway pipeline proposal, said Joyce Murray, Liberal MP from Vancouver Quadra and a former Environment Minister for British Columbia.

“It is absolutely unacceptable for the government to take a political position on these hearings just as the panel appointed to vet this proposed pipeline route is beginning to gather evidence from the public,” said Murray. “The government’s declarations not only threaten to taint the outcome of these hearings, but they also further undermine the legitimacy of a panel that is already under question for being engineered to support the government’s position.”

With all the discussion about the Northern Gateway Project and Keystone XL, I decided to do some research into how the NEB hearings work, who the ”players” are, how decisions are made etc. All quite fascinating. By understanding what the mandate of the NEB is, how their decisions are arrived at, and listening to/reading current hearings, we might gain some perspective as to how Canada, as a nation, addresses these issues. Like it or not, this is our current legal process and we must respect it.

The following links might prove useful to those who want to understand the NEB process, investigate past findings, and follow current hearings:

NEB Home Page:
Welcome to the National Energy Board
50+ items – It’s regulatory powers under the NEB Act include granting …

2011-12-30 Statistics – Oil and Gas Activities on Frontier Lands
2011-12-22 NEB approves Bakken Pipeline Project Canada

NEB Northern Gateway Project Hearings – Current transcripts and webcasts:
Enbridge Northern Gateway Project – Hearings

NEB Keystone XL Approval news release:
NEB – News Releases 2010 – National Energy Board Approves …
28 Oct 2011 – … Thursday 11 March 2010. National … CALGARY – The National Energy Board (NEB) today approved an application from …

NEWB Keystone XL – Reasons for decision:

Note: We have posted these sites as a starting point for the viewer’s research purposes. The conclusion of that research, is subject to much debate. To continue this debate, send us Feedback here
PS: Thanks to Martin Showell of the community for providing these links

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