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Be Informed: National Debt

Just the Facts on Canada’s National Debt

On March 17, 2011, Canada’s national debt hit $562.8 billion. In just five years – and after previous Liberal governments spent years wiping out our debt – Stephen Harper’s government has returned Canada to its all-time-high 1996-97 debtload level.

Canada’s debtload over the years:

Government Sites

Federal government net financial debt
16 Nov 2009 – Statistics Canada | Statistique Canada. Symbol of the Government of Canada. Statistics Canada.

Annual Financial Report of the Government of Canada: Fiscal Year …
12 Oct 2011 – Annual Financial Report of the Government of Canada: Fiscal Year 2010-2011.


Canadian public debtWikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Canadian public debt. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia … Retrieved from “ …

Canada’s National Debt Clock : The Canadian Taxpayers Federation
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s Federal Debt Clock.

Debt History
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s Federal Debt Clock. Widget logo. CANADA’S FEDERAL DEBT. YOUR SHARE.
“For the most eloquent argument for restraint, go to
What Can I Do?
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s Federal Debt Clock.
Debt’s Damage
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s Federal Debt Clock.
Tell A Friend
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s Federal Debt Clock.
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National Debt Clock Tour: Campaign Page | Canadian Taxpayers
Official site of the Canadian Taxpayer Federation a citizen’s advocacy group dedicated to lower … Campaigns and Issues … The National Debt Clock Tour began February 22nd at Mile 0 of the …

Op-Ed: Canada’s national debt on the rise again – Digital Journal
5 Dec 2011 – While preaching the gospel of deficit reduction, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been running up the national debt to record levels.

How is Canada Going to Handle the Debt from Baby Boomers in …
As thousands of baby boomers approach the retirement line, this will fundamentally change the Canadian labour market and lead to a soaring federal budget …


Conservatives have put Canadians in a hole
28 Jan 2012 – There is a strong argument to be made for belt-tightening in this time of global uncertainty, and it may be necessary to make changes to Old Age Security, but it might be wise instead to top up the fund with our tax dollars, except the Conservatives have put us in the hole.

Going broke: Canada’s debt continues to mount | Canada | News …
20 Sep 2010 – Canada is going broke.Sure, we may not have riots in the streets like the ones Greece has experienced over the last year or so. True, the …

Welcome to 2012: All debt, all the timeThe Globe and Mail
27 Dec 2011 – Another year older and deeper in debt. You can Google “Canada’s debt clock” for a precise reckoning. Maintained by the Canadian Taxpayers …

Aging population could lead to Greek-style debt crisis in Canada …
3 Nov 2011 – The report warns that Canada could hit the kind of “debt wall” seen in European countries, and almost faced by Canada in the 1990s.

In conversation: Mark Carney – The Interview –
5 Dec 2011 – On Europe’s crisis, fighting inflation, and his new job heading the financial stability board.

99 stupid things the government spent your money on – Canada …
5 Jan 2012 – Snowmobile clubs, an archery centre and a non-existent bridge.


The Great National Debt Scam – The Rude Macedon
From Here to There … some ideas on a better future, and how to get there. Be the future you want to see … M. Gandhi Mission: awakening the sleeping giant …

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