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Be Informed: Marijuana

Just the Facts on Marijuana and its effect on Canada:

The actual Liberal resolution #117 that passed at the Liberal Biennial Convention January 15 2012.

The legalization of marijuana was a particularly heated discussion. In the end, if we can come up with a good legislative framework that properly addresses marijuana use, while regulating it correctly – it could conceivably work.

Basic Facts:
Marijuana | InfoFacts | National Institute on Drug Abuse
Marijuana is the most commonly abused illicit drug in the United States. It is a dry, …. This survey is available on line at **** These J Subst Abuse Treat, e-publication ahead of print, March 12, 2008.

Cannabis (drug) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Contemporary uses of marihuana and cannabis are as recreational drug, as ….. 198.

Marijuana Myths
Exposing Marijuana Myths: A Review of the Scientific Evidence. Introduction. Since the 1920s, supporters of marijuana prohiion have exaggerated the drug’s

Alcohol, tobacco just as ‘harmful’ as marijuana – The Barrie Examiner

Cannabis, Tobacco and Alcohol Use in Canada | Here to Help, A BC
Here to Help, A BC Information Resource for Individuals and Families Managing Home » Publications » Visions Journal » Visions-Cannabis When we study the harmful impact of substances in Canada, cannabis, tobacco and …. Ottawa: Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse.

Ready For The Future » Blog Archive » The Economics of Marijuana
12 Apr 2011 – Hello again. I was given an assignment by my professor a few weeks ago to write a research essay on a topic of our choosing. Well, keeping

Controlled Drugs and Substances ActLois du Canada
Federal laws of canada. of Justice. Controlled Drugs and Substances Act ( S.C. 1996, c. 19). Full Document: HTML |; XML [210 KB] |; PDF [491 KB]. Act current to 2011-12-14 and last amended on 2011-06-23. Previous

Legal history of cannabis in CanadaWikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Legal history of cannabis in Canada. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation ….. Retrieved from “

Legality of cannabisWikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The legality of cannabis has been the subject of debate and controversy for decades. …… Representacion Cannabica de Navarra:

HistoryDetection and the lawBy countryUse of capital punishment …

Marijuana Reform BillCanada
This bill to reform Canadian marijuana laws was introduced several times by Liberal governments in Canada, but never passed. The Conservative government

NORML Canada – The Reform of Marujuana Laws in Canada [ Home ]
15 Jan 2012 – Please contact us! Thank you for your help, NORML Canada. Dear Senator,. I am writing today in regards to Bill C-10, the Safe

cannabis (marijuana) law reform — Canada — 2004
19 Jan 2006 – Home | Goals | Founders | What’s New| Headlines | Contact Us | Please donate! |Links | Search. (Media: for further information, contact

Feds to change rules on legal grow-ops | Canada | News | Toronto
1 day ago – The feds want to phase out licensing individuals to grow medicinal marijuana in Canadian communities.

Penalties for Criminal Code, drug offences in Canada
Penalties for Canadian Criminal Code and drug offences.

Majority of Canadians support legalizing or decriminalizing
17 Jan 2012 – Released on Tuesday, the poll suggests 66% of Canadians are in favour of the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana, with just 20%

New Canadian Poll Shows Strong Support For Marijuana Law Reform
19 Jan 2012 – Just days after Canada’s opposition Liberal Party adopted a marijuana legalization resolution, a new poll suggests the Grits have their fingers

CBC News Indepth:
INDEPTH: MARIJUANA Up in smoke? Canada’s marijuana law and the debate over decriminalization. Lisa Khoo, CBC News Online | May 2001 | Updated Nov.

Cannabis Facts for Canadians: Essential information for an informed
the knowledge! Add a banner to your web page. scientific basis. *Source of graph data:

Marijuana should not be criminalizedThe Globe and Mail
13 Apr 2011 – Make it illegal, sure – subject to a fine, as is wearing a face veil in France – but where is the high degree of harm, to others or self, that requires

National Post editorial board: Leave marijuana decriminalization to
18 Apr 2011 – Last Monday, for at least the third time in a dozen years, an Ontario court struck down provisions of Canada’s marijuana laws. While we support

marijuana – Topics –
20 Jan 2012 – Who would be permitted to grow marijuana, and in what quantities? Would only licensed growers be allowed to produce pot? What would be

A tough-on-crime bill that goes too far – Opinion –
25 Aug 2011 – With Canada’s crime rate at its lowest since the 1970s, why is the government spending more money on throwing people in jail?

Does long-term heavy marijuana use produce toxic effects on the
5 Mar 2002 – McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate McLean Hospital, Home Page. Campus photographs. Patient Care · Education · Research

Editorial: Marijuana as medicine a complex issueEdmonton Journal
14 Dec 2011 – Few of us would take medical marijuana away from the sufferers we read about in a special report on.

Canada’s ominbus crime bill calls for mandatory sentences for
30 Dec 2011 – The Vancouver Sun full of stories and tips designed to put you in control of your health. Canada’s ominbus crime bill calls for mandatory sentences for marijuana production Mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana production are grow-ops, he said in a year-end interview with Postmedia News.

Legalize cannabis for public
21 Jan 2011 – Article. Re: Poll shows Liberal rebound, Jan. 19. The Liberals believe our country will be better off if marijuana is legalized. They’re not alone.

Grits and grass – Editorial – The Cape Breton Post
18 Jan 2012 – The third-place Liberal Party of Canada — recently rebranded as the country’s “bold new party” — certainly got the media’s attention by

Tribal help sought in fighting U.S.-Canada drug trade
The Obama administration wants to train and equip Indian officials along the U.S.-Canada border to stop cross-border drug trafficking. –

Marijuana doesn’t harm lung function –
10 Jan 2012 – Smoking a joint once a week or a bit more apparently doesn’t harm the lungs, suggests a 20-year study.

MarijuanaTopicsWall Street Journal
Marijuana – Detailed Marijuana information, including breaking news, analysis, photos, video and infographics from the WSJ. Start your Marijuana research

Do Medical-Marijuana Laws Reduce Highway Deaths? – Ideas
30 Nov 2011 – In states with medical marijuana laws, there’s been a decrease in highway fatalities, a new study finds. It may be because pot-smokers are less

Alcohol Versus Marijuana
From First Drug Use to Drug Dependence* 1:: Developmental Periods of Risk for Dependence upon Marijuana, Cocaine, and Alcohol
FA Wagner… – Neuropsychopharmacology, 2002 – Elsevier
The focal point of this paper is the transition from drug use to drug dependence. We present new evidence on risk for starting to use marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol, as well as risks for progression from first drug use to the onset of drug dependence, separately for each of
Cited by 245Related articlesGet at CISTIAll 9 versions

SAFER – Alcohol vs. Marijuana
Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation (SAFER) works to educate the public about the fact that marijuana is safer than alcohol. Through its social welfare

Alcohol VS Marijuana
For decades, popular culture has celebrated the consumption of ethanol (drinking alcohol) while maintaining a moral and legal opposition to so-called

Alcohol vs. marijuana in the brain | Psychology Today
13 Dec 2010 – Accept a “good enough” relationship instead of looking for my students ask the same question about alcohol and marijuana: which is Also, as I emphasized in my last blog about the relationship of marijuana Brain on Food (Oxford, 2010); Copyright 1991-2012

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