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What We Stand For:

The Liberal Party of Canada believes that the dignity of each individual man and woman is the fundamental principle of democratic society. All political organization and activity emanates from this guiding principle.

The membership of the Liberal Party of Canada remains dedicated to the principles that have historically sustained and differentiated the Liberal Party of Canada from other political parties.

The prime principles remain a belief in:

  • individual freedom, responsibility and human dignity in the framework of a just society;
  • political freedom in the framework of meaningful participation by all interested persons; and
  • the Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as the framework for both Canada’s democratic society and the interaction of members within the Liberal party.

The Liberal Party of Canada is committed to:

  • the pursuit of equality of opportunity for all persons;
  • the enhancement of our unique and diverse multicultural community;
  • the recognition that English and French are the official languages of Canada; and
  • the promotion of the Canadian identity in a global society.

To realize these objectives, the Liberal Party of Canada strives to provide a national, flexible, democratic structure whereby all Canadians can obtain information, participate in open discussion and work for continuous renewal through open communications, free dialogue and participatory democratic action.


The “Be Informed” section under the the Issues menu is taking shape. We have had a good response to this general idea, with many positive responses. Seven pages have been created so far on different subjects:

  1. Pipelines
  2. National Energy Board
  3. Marijuana
  4. Pensions
  5. National Debt
  6. Asbestos
  7. Fiscal Responsibility

A few other individual issues from the 2011 Platform are listed below:

Rural Issues:

  • The Rural Canada Matters strategy to boost rural communities with better access to broadband internet, doctors and nurses, emergency services, and postal services;
  • A National Food Policy to promote healthy living, safe food, sustainable farm incomes, environmental farmland stewardship and international leadership


  • Pension Reform Blog from Hon. Judy A Sgro, MP York West, Official Opposition Critic for Seniors and Pensions.
  • A Stronger Public Pension Plan to help working families save for retirement. Liberals want to strengthen the base Canada Pension Plan by increasing benefits gradually over time, and give families the option to top-up their savings with a new Supplemental CPP

Other Liberal Issues important to LKM:

  • An Open Government Initiative to create a new level of accountability for government spending and to spur innovation and economic growth.
  • A Family Care Plan to enhance care for our parents, our grandparents and our sick loved ones, and to help reduce the pressure on hundreds of thousands of struggling Canadian families;
  • A Pan-Canadian Learning Strategy spanning early childhood development and care, aboriginal education, workforce literacy, language training for New Canadians, and access to higher education and training to build the best-educated, most skilled workforce in the world.
  • An Environment and Clean Energy Plan that takes real action on climate change, creates jobs by investing in renewable energy production, promotes energy efficiency, and helps companies to develop and manufacture new clean energy products and materials. We will also protect our future by preserving our oceans, lakes and coastal communities; and
  • A Global Networks Strategy that creates Global Network Agreements with China and India to collaborate in research and education, energy and sustainability, transportation, food security, health, immigration, culture and tourism

Take Action:

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As always, send us Feedback HERE to voice your opinion or to send us further suggestions…

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