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Executive 2012-2013:
Carolynne Griffith, Alvinston
Past Candidate
Gayle Stucke, Wallaceburg
Executive Vice-President:
Mike Radan, Strathroy
Gary Martin, Wallaceburg
Diane McComb, Denfield

Membership Chair:
Vera Brasjen, Alvinston
Fundraising Chair:
Dianne MacDougall, Alvinston
Youth Chair:
Danielle MacDougall, Alvinston

Shawn Young, Strathroy
Mark Waters, Strathroy
Bernd Stucke, Wallaceburg
Peggy Labombard, Wallaceburg
Ivan Bryce, Watford
Ian Brebner, Parkhill
Robert Johnson, Alvinston
William Stobbs, Chatham
Todd Shepley, Wallaceburg

National Office LPC:
Liberal Party of Canada
Ottawa, ON
Phone: (613) 237-0740

Media Contacts:
Daniel Lauzon,
Office of the Liberal Leader:
Phone: 613-943-4995

Kate Monfette,
Office of the Liberal Leader:
Phone: 613-407-7593

Sarah Bain,
Liberal Party of Canada:
Phone: 613-783-8403

Marc Roy,
Office of the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate:
Phone: 613-947-2798

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