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The Liberals and the Way Forward for Canada

Posted on August 30, 2011

After reading an article on the Huffington Post by Raymond Heard, former communications director to John Turner, Leader of the Opposition, 1986-1990, I felt compelled to comment on the article and the state of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Mr. Heard’s article doesn’t speak about mergers at all. He mentions that Liberals have to come together to create an idea or project that we all have to buy into, to re-engage the electorate, to build a stronger Canada to make a comeback, like the three people he had mentioned.

If we are all just taxpayers, instead of voters, obviously Canadians will vote for the party that promises the lowest taxes, and let us fend for ourselves.

What the Canada 150 conferences were for was to have Liberals and other participants get together to craft a policy which make Canada a better place, and it will be the Liberals’ job to sell that dream to the Canadian electorate.

I think Mr. Rae is on track when he says it’s all about “Jobs Jobs Jobs, and not Cuts, Cuts, Cuts” this has to be OUR mantra for the foreseeable future, and not let any media outlet or rogue MP or disgruntled NDP’er or CPC press secretary change our message from that.


Excerpt from Mr. Heard’s article:
So, what has to be done to build a stronger Canada? I have these bold-stroke proposals. They can be fleshed out in the 18 months before we elect a leader.

First, instead of depending on our very profitable legacy of being hewers of wood and drawers of water for the Americans, we have to develop a policy to compete more effectively in the borderless knowledge economy. Access to the Internet has to be the right of every Canadian, regardless of origin or income, period.

Second, the governance of public and private enterprises must be made more transparent, open and accessible to Canadians. The all-knowing imperial imperial prime minister-ship that regards parliament as an irritating irrelevancy has to be de-fanged.

Third, the Liberal Party must offer new ideas responsibly to exploit our most precious resources, water and energy.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we have to develop new policies to enhance our crumbling infrastructure, which will initially cost $200-billion. Europe, whose shared economy is more fragile than ours, is doing that. Why can’t we?

If China and Europe can build high-speed trains, modern highways, harbours and airports, why can’t we? This process of infrastructure renewal could begin with a job-creating Quebec City-Windsor super train, linked to the project Barack Obama plans for the northeast United States.

But, you object, all this would cost the Treasury too much . The answer is that a public-private investment bank, in which the government would be a 25 per cent stakeholder, could pay for it. It could make a profit, too, just as the St. Lawrence Seaway did in the era of our grand-parents.


So, I would like to charge you, as readers of this blog, what projects would you like us to promote, to bring Canada back to the greatness that we all deserve? Join the conversation below.

Gary Martin,
Lambton-Kent-Middlesex Federal Liberal Association.

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