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An Open Letter from Joe Public

Posted on August 13, 2011

To the new riding President of the LKM Federal Riding Association,
Aug 11th/2011

Congratulations on your successful bid for the LKM riding Association. I wish you all the success and support that this position requires. It is people like you that make Canada, a better place to live.

Let me introduce myself: I am not a Liberal member yet, for various reasons. I am starting to see the errors of my thinking. One cannot sit on the fence and really make a difference, so a member, I may soon become.

Gayle Stucke’s campaign was my first experience into the political enviorment, for that matter, any volunteer group.

To be blunt (which you will find me) I wasn’t impressed with the Liberal’s organizational skills, either at the riding level or national level. Hopefully that will be your number one priority.

So… my thoughts on the riding’s future and what I think should be done.

I am not criticizing or negative, just a bit of a pain sometimes. I am just trying to put forth ideas for consideration, a point of view to be mixed with others. Please do not take offence to anything I have to say; mostly, just my writing style.

1. I strongly believe that the New President of the Liberal LKM Association should send out a Newsletter.

  • I would like to suggest it be called: “Voice of the People”
  • Yes, 80% don’t make it past the recycling bin, but there is no other way to formally address the issues over a broad spectrum. This when added to a social media strategies, may get a following (I must admit, even I look at Bev Shipley’s propaganda from the mail box to the recycling bin to all citizens of LKM).
  • Many people put in time, money, effort and support, not to mention their votes, to the Liberal Party’s May 2 election run.

2. This Newsletter would:

  • introduce you as the New President of the Liberal LKM Association, stating your goals for the riding,
  • thank Gayle as our candidate in the 2011 election, excusing her, for any of the past electoral failure,
  • thank the previous Executive for their past efforts,
  • include a Statement for the future,
  • include a “conservative de-bunk” segment, clarify facts and Liberal point of view,
  • request that interested citizens to get in on the grass-root level of the renewal of the Liberal Party, and
  • include a pointed statement about financial support on a regular basis: Liberals have to step up and fund their views while there is still a national party that will listen to their views.

3. I am very disappointed in the opposition parties for letting the Conservatives off the hook with their on-going statement “Canadians values are conservative values” For me, It’s like a sharp, pointed stick in the eye.

  • The Liberals should strongly, fighting such arrogance. To assume, you speak for everyone when you only got 39% of the vote, is beyond belief.
  • BUT if the opposition parties let the conservatives convince the public that is true???

4. The LKM riding Association should be the nuts and bolts of LKM Liberals. The candidate is the messenger of the people of LKM to Parliament. It is my opinion; LKM can regain this riding, if they can make the citizens BELIEVE they really have a voice.

5. LKM riding Association has to become a visible identity, a Liberal LKM voice and organization. It has to find the resources to connect with its citizens, on quarter yearly basis with successes, failures, needs and wants, of the riding.

6. In conclusion, not only do the Liberals have an image problem, politicians and all parties, in general, have trust issues.

  • Many time over the last 8 months I have heard logical, common-sense people say, “they’re all crooks, if it’s not the MP or Leader, it’s the ‘boys in the back room’ running the show.” We know that isn’t true, but given the action of top brass overriding the voice of the people, that problem isn’t going away soon.
  • If the Liberals are looking to come back, that’s their door to success: Honest, grassroots connections to the top. It would be a new way of running the country and might get top-quality candidates.
  • A party that will take the time to explain the issues and react to wishes of the people, and whether it was what the party wanted, would be refreshing.
  • The day after the election, politicians are very respectful of the public’s vote, the people have spoken! Then, how come, for the next 4 years, why suddenly, we know nothing.

I look forward, to helping LKM Liberals, kick those pesky conservatives to the curb.

PS, You should read this, if you haven’t yet:

Respectfully Submitted
Joe Public

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