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Analysis of the CPC – from Joe Public

Posted on June 13, 2011

After letting the 2011 election wind down and run its course, listening to the various political pundits, and general public statements, and reviewing the previous five years of conservative governance, I am coming to the conclusions that the Conservative party has come to a formula that is pushing Canadian society into a one single thought society, similar to the “Borg” on Star Trek.

Stephen Harper has openly said that Canadians are really not interested in the day-to-day workings of their government. The Conservative party has squared the edges of that theory to make the New Conservative party the “Borg”. They are slowly singling out segments of society and bring them into their group.

The strategy of the Conservative party, if you really listen, is to speak with one voice and repeat the same message over and over. The message may not have any truth to it, or is designed to explain away a negative issue.  By repeating a half-truth, over and over party-wide, the point slowly becomes acceptable or it is brushed aside as normal government workings.

My conclusions are based on the fact that the Conservative Party:

  1. Didn’t run on any kind of platform
  2. Avoided or controlled the media and interaction with public
  3. Repeated simply phrases over and over, lies or half truths, and the public didn’t seem to care
  4. Made Stephen Harper into a statesman by keeping him out of the political fray
  5. Had a well organized head office that orchestrated the ground game.
  6. Worked tirelessly at ground level from election to election to stimulate individuals and groups
  7. Used their Ministers powers to influenced electorate
  8. Played on the fact, the public doesn’t care or really know about how politics work
  9. Govern as if they know what there doing, even if they haven’t a clue.
  10. Talk as if they are doing what Canadian’s want, and the public starts to believe that’s what they want – or the Conservative party is actually doing what it is saying (eg: good money managers, honest and transparent, have the trust of the public, and the latest, “Conservatives values are Canadian values”) –  none of it is true
  11. Focus that the public in general, thinks all politicians are crooks, either behind the scene or actual MP’s
  12. Use government taxpayer money to grow their party
  13. Focus that the large portion of the public doesn’t understand the political process (democracy), and not just new Canadians

Many Canadians, after the election are now complaining , “if they know the conservatives had done that, they wouldn’t of voted for them”…it was in the the news for weeks…so why didn’t they know?

I am sure there is more to add to the list. The point is, by all accounts the Conservatives should have lost the election of 2011.

As stated by many, “much is to be written about the 2011 election over the next few years”. Very easy to say, “a political oddity”, “a momentary wave of change”, which will right its self back to the old balance.

I am writing this because I don’t think so. One of the issues, are the New Canadians. Canada is paradise as compared to where they came from, but their old ways came with them: secrecy, mistrust of power, self reliance.  This all plays into a corrupt government hands.

Make no mistake, the Conservative government has shown in their attitude and actions there are no boundaries to what they do, to control power. Yes, political parties play nasty games, but this is a new cat, with a whole new set of hunting tools.

If opposition political parties, rely on old strategies, it is my opinion they will not survive.  They have to awaken to this new reality and come up with strategies to counter this new system and they can’t wait four years to do it.

Sure, easy to say these things but how do you get an disinterested, uninformed public to care between elections when they really didn’t care at election time.

My work, is based 100% on logic, which, solutions are derived from, so I really can’t understand the question!

I put forward this theory as a point of view to be considered.

Respectfully submitted
Joe Public

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