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On the Need for Local Representation

Posted on April 29, 2011

By Submission:
When you look at the array of candidates available for your vote, you will likely not agree with plenty of their platforms, and that is fine.

But in most cases, the candidates whose names grace your ballot have spent time living in and being involved in their communities across the riding. They have a stake in seeing all of them thrive and flourish and most of the time they have their finger on the pulse. In other words, they know what your region needs.

In most cases it’s very difficult to question their dedication to your region.

Parties often run “pylons” in traditionally non-viable seats, placeholders who are simply a name on a ballot. They may not live in the riding, or even bother to show up. For many of the Quebec ridings now in play, we could be seeing a convoy of pylons down the highway to Ottawa.

“Place holders” are common with the Conservative party, even if they live in the riding. If elected, place holders will vote just exactly as Harper tells them to. The same goes for NDP “place holders.” Sadly, most of the MPs in Ottawa are just place holders, though there are some very good and active ones also.

Parties parachuting candidates into ridings is not uncommon, but it is something you should consider before casting your vote.

If, of course, you vote based on party allegiance, or the party leaders, simply disregard this advice.

If however, you vote even in part, based on how well the candidate will represent you and your concerns in Ottawa, you may want to sit up and take notice.

If the Jack Layton surge really does lead to a New Democrat sweep Monday, Canadians could end up electing a host of mystery MPs most have never heard of.

The kind of people about to head to Ottawa may surprise potential NDP voters in Quebec and the rest of the country.

We may only find out around the same time as Jack Layton, when the new MPs show up in Ottawa and open their mouths in front of a microphone.

I for one am looking for a candidate that lives in the riding and has the leeway to speak up for our concerns, and not just spout off the party line, and do so in an informed way.

I consider two of Gayle’s opponents to be place-holders of differing types, one who is a yes-man and never speaks up for the riding, and the other doesn’t even live in the riding who tends to speak off-the-cuff without any informed solutions.

Gayle is the type of person who will speak up for this riding, will make sure that the needs of the riding are met with the use of advisory committees, will make sure that any funding that comes to the riding is evenly spread across the riding, and truly understands what it means to be from Lambton, Kent, or Middlesex counties.

On Monday, May 2, I am going to vote for Gayle, and make a vote for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex

You should be letting everyone you know that they should be doing the same and send them a link to this article.

Jim Public.

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