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An Election for Joe Public

Posted on March 23, 2011

By Submission (part of the Joe Public Series):

So Canadians, it appears we are into another election.

As Jim Flaherty clearly stated on Power and Politics on CBC last night,” the budget is not a negotiation”.

That’s why we are into another election. Stephen Harper does not understand basic Canadian democracy.

Yes, negotiation, debate, varying points of view, sober second thought is how the Canadian democratic system is supposed to work, that’s if you are interested in all Canadians.

Stephen Harper’s government has not kept one of their platform promises they came to power on. Canadians are about to be plastered by the Stephen Harper propaganda machine (biggest PMO’s office in Canadian history).

The truth is, the Stephen Harper’s “magic show” government is all smoke and mirrors. Nothing they say can be believed.

Given Stephen Harper’s standard with Helena Guergis, two Ministers should be turfed, two Senators should be turfed, and Stephen Harper should resign. But double standard, is this government’s “standard”.

What applies to the CPC, doesn’t apply to anyone else. Even with (alleged) dishonest, corruption, contempt, electoral fraud charges – “who us? – no it’s the opposition fault”

We will hear how good of fiscal managers they are, the record speaks for itself. Biggest deficit in Canadian history, 5 billion off on their projections.

The truth is, economy goes up and it goes down. Current Governments have very little to do about it.

Canada is in a good position in the world because we have commodities the world needs. It has nothing to do with Stephen Harper’s governance, what he got for Canadians for that windfall is more to the point: Corporate tax cuts so they can pay larger dividends to their investors.

Previous governments payed the price for dishonest governance. Stephen Harper’s government needs to pay the same price. Please Canadians, no more double standard.

Being a Canadian taxpayer, is like playing the slot machine. Put your money in and hope for 5 cherries straight across – jackpot. Instead with Stephen Harper we got 5 lemons but they didn’t line up anywhere – nothing. It’s the Canadians’ time to put more money in.

Hope is eternal, a little extra effort on the electoral citizenship, may help with a little better outcome.

Get involved people!

Joe Public

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